Clean Your Car

Step 1: The Soaking Phase

The first step to cleaning your car is soaking the body in a mixture of quality auto soap and water with one of our foam guns or cannons.

Step 2: The Washing Phase

Once your car has been soaked and lubricated with a quality auto soap, it's time to wash off the remaining dirt, dust and fine particles.

This is your time to use one of our quality wash mitts which allows you to safely remove these particles whilst preventing micro scratches and swirl marks that cheaper, inferior wash mitts create.

Step 3: The Drying Phase

Once you have washed off the dirt, dust and fine particles from your paintwork, it's time to act quickly and dry your car.

The drying process is very important. 

Step 4: The Detailing Phase

Once you have soaked, washed and dried your car, it's time to detail it.

A quality microfibre detailing towel serves to apply and remove detailing compounds safely and efficiently whilst preventing micro scratching and swirl marks.

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